I have so much thing to do.. but hor i also very lazy to do~~ so if i do my work no enough time for lazy, then if i lazy no enough time for my homework... >< so sad~~ why?? all assignment come together de... why all activities come together de.... why why tell me why~~~~~ feel so 讨厌... T.T


aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~ pls give me 发泄下~~ hehe~~

sorry if scare you~~ wahaha~~ tomorrow mei yee presentation i wan go to prepare question liao~~


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  • mei yee
  • lol...
    so hapi meh c i present ? =.=
    but finally it's over !!!! lalala
    lucky no one ask que...if not i sure mati
  • erlene
  • haha

    haha~~ v 酱疼你, sure only scare you lah~~ 不舍得ask you question de lah~~
  • mei yee
  • ya boh ??
    so good ah ??